Get Smart about Cannabis™


I will never forget my first time. A friend and I were “out slumming” at a trap-house. Someone had marijuana and a soda can pipe. I tried it and stayed at my friends house. It was the first time I had stayed at her house. She had a double bed and we were laying there talking. I remember telling her “I didn’t feel it?” She said “a lot of people say that the first time.” That struck me and I’ve always been curious if this is common reaction.

By the time I was a senior in high school I had a steady boyfriend. While we both worked and spent limited time together throughout my senior year; though, we did live together for a short time after graduation. It was a relationship that spanned nearly two years and had a major influence in my perspective.

Through this relationship I was truly introduced to the underground world of drugs and marijuana. He was a nice guy, a stoner, who didn’t really like to drink. Me on the other had, I was drinking too much at that point in life and a bit opposed to marijuana. I recall conversations about our attitudes and preferences regarding vices such as alcohol, marihuana, cigarettes, and hard drugs.

I can remember, us doing a number of illegal things together. Due to today’s technical abilities to identify anyone I’ll not mention specifics. Instead, I’ll share two stories; a funny story about my overwhelming fear of dogs and another about an adventure we shared. It was a good time in my life though I was exposed to dangerous situations.

One time we were at a pickup spot. I sat down on a couch while he went to the back to “handle business”. There were two dogs; a bull mastiff and a doberman pincher. I went to stand up from the couch and the two dogs jumped back onto their hind legs and started to bark at me. I covered my face and sunk into the couch crying.

However, another time, we took a large quantity to Northern Michigan. We made the drop, and as we sat there smoking pot with the people, I had to excuse myself to the restroom. I started to have an anxiety attack and couldn’t stand up. Sitting on the bathroom floor in this strange house I had to call for my boyfriend to help. He walked me to the door for some fresh air. The cool fresh winter air helped. The next day we spent on the ski slopes having the time of our lives.

In those days, it was a different deal to be in the marijuana business. One of the most important things I believe has been accomplished through the medical marijuana movement is safety. There were countless times then and throughout my life when being associated with marijuana lead to being in unsafe places. Now, today, in Michigan you can walk into a store front location and purchase tested safe medicine.