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Hash Bash Speech

In 2012 when I was invited to speak at the Hash Bash I was so excited I couldn’t breathe. At first, the excitement was paralyzing. I had to come up with a serious and clear message. They approved me for only two minutes. So, I edited making every word count. My message was clear, it’s time for a “SAFE FREE OPEN MARKET!”

It was a cold spring morning. My husband drove and walked me to the front steps of the University of Michigan Library. The Diag was filled with what I can only guess was around 10,000 people from across the nation. This crowd gathered for a purpose and a party. Being a part of it was a huge honor.

On the mic before me were greats like Steve DeAngelo from Harborside in Oakland, California. It was amazing to see the crowd. My nerves were numbed by the cold as I took the stage on that sunny crisp spring afternoon. It is probably one of the more defining moments in my life. Having those two minutes to convey an important message gave me a sense of purpose.

As I stood at the podium giving my speech the crowd seemed to extend as far as the eye could see. I shared my message of hope and freedom and with my last few words I had the crowd chanting “SAFE FREE OPEN MARKET!” Nothing is more American than open market economics. Economics, though one of the most difficult, was always a favorite subject of mine. Using its principles in relation to cannabis and Hash Bash was the best way to make a point about hope, freedom, and the rights of patients.

Thinking back the warm purple scarf my mom crocheted for me became the defining the image in my mind from that day. My husband was on the sidelines and I had handed him my cell phone to take a video. Unfortunately, he’s not very tech savvy; he ended up taking a picture rather than a video. I find humor in this now, but that day not so much. So, the moment is etched in my mind by the one photo he took. 

Afterward, we went down to the Monroe Street Fair which takes place on the corner where the Green Planet, a dispensary, is located. The Green Planet is a dispensary who’s owners are active in the legislative efforts. Through them, I contributed to the legislative efforts with the written word. They took my statements to the state legislature in 2013.

Long gone is the gray t-shirt I purchased. Though the memories will last a lifetime. Contributing to a cause of such importance, to patients, to American freedom, and the natural rights of all, was defining in my life.

Speaking at Hash Bash 2012 is one of the proudest moments in my career and my life.