Get Smart about Cannabis™

Nosy Neighbor

I recall a couple moved into the house next door for a short time. I was about 12 years old and I was helping her peal wallpaper so she could repaint her kitchen. She casually asks me “does you dad smoke marijuana?” Knowing the consequences of this question, and instinctively feeling her prying ways, I replied “no, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She said “oh, i thought I smelt it when I came over yesterday.” Indeed, the day before, dad was sitting in his chair smoking a joint when Miss Nosy Neighbor came knocking on the door. I recall my parents rushing to hide the evidence and spray Ozium.

There was one time I’ll never forget. I was with my best friend, at the time, and her boyfriend. I had to stop home for something. Our house had a back room or snow room and we had only stepped inside the snow room not yet in the house when they said “we’ll wait in the car.” Growing up around marijuana I didn’t realize the odor was so strong. To them it was overpowering. When I got back in the car I was perplexed until she explained it was the over powering smell which made them decide to wait in the car.

Luckily, CPS considered my parents model parents and never knew about my dad’s “cannabis therapy”. They even placed my cousin in their care; and he was adopted. However, growing up, knowing you can be snatched from your home is a frightening thought for children.

Parents often do not realize just how much a small child can understand; because children learn to vocalize at a slower rate than they learn to absorb and understand their environment.

Today, I read an article which said a father was killed because CPS was trying to take his child because of the marijuana smell. Why is CPS allowed to take children so easily?

The kidnapping of Cassandra Callender, a case in which a 17 year old young lady was taken from her home and by court order forced to take a pharmaceutical drug (chemo) with known harmful side effects. It only took the call of “concerned” individuals to get CPS involved. Her parents supported her choice of alternative treatment.

It’s a scary thing as a child to fear your community turning on you. The neighbors, the teachers, the few friends your parents can trust. Many people think it’s their place to judge and define how others live; I ask what gives you the right? I have always questioned those people; why they feel they are superior and why they think they should define the life and home of another when we live in a country founded on freedom.

I can understand someone may be “concerned” about the safety of another. Physical, mental, and emotional abuse are all to prevalent in today’s society. Yet, I will never understand why approaching someone with concern is followed up injury and punishment rather by assistance.