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Seeking Friends

I had three friends growing up. It’s hard to find friends. In the Teen and Early Years “friends” came in and out of my life. It took a number of years before I found a community and a place which felt like home after moving from the city in which I was raised. However, I would come to learn that friends come and go but family is forever, no matter how much you disagree you can’t stop being family.

In a new town, held up in the spare room of my parents home, I realized I needed to seek out support. It was through those support groups that I met true friends and learned one moment at a time positive thinking. The inspiration that comes from support groups can’t be put into words; it’s simply a force.

Inside me was a force propelling me to believe that I was still alive for a reason. I knew my life had meaning. After surviving what should have been certain death a kind of air of relief and a burden of compelled action entered my life.

Feeling I had survived for a reason, it was important for me to find a path I prayed to God for direction, hope, faith; and most importantly, I prayed to keep me strong. Seeking out support and finding friends also lead to my attitude becoming more positive.

Having friends who would come by just to check on me and make sure I got out of bed. Friends, who would bring weed to smoke, knowing it was the only thing that helped me. It is those few true friends the most vivid memories are some of the best.

Knowing how sick I was, they would come to me, and they would take me out. Rarely in life do you come across friends who can change your day with a knock on the door and simple hello. I was lucky enough to have a friend like this during some of the hard times. Though the love will always be there, like every other friend, time and growth has made us less aware; as we drift from each other down our own paths. Life changes us all, nothing truly lasts. 

A near death experience can make you realize objects mean nothing; it is the people who make life worth living. Then our perspectives change. Often, this is what leads many to change in dramatic ways after a near death experience. We learn this lesson, life is only about the people you love, and yet we can’t share it because those we love are busy working to build the perfect three bedroom two bathroom home with two cars and two kids they think will make them happy.

Being disabled as a young adult you spend a large amount of time in isolation and contemplation. With focused thought we work hard to propel ourselves into success. However, sometimes, it can be difficult to propel yourself towards success when feeling isolated and unproductive.