Get Smart about Cannabis™

Biggest Mistake

My biggest mistake, being a cannabis enthusiast and patient; was being economically challenged and asking family members for assistance. It taught me the critical life lesson, we are all truly alone in this world. It is only by the grace of God we are able to surround ourselves with quality individuals whom enhance our lives. 

The fact that cannabis has been considered a “narcotic” by federal guidelines has relegated users to second class citizenship. My spirtual goal, my entire life, has been to challenge this premise. Having been addicted to a “hard” drug for several months during the worst part of my life I see this issue much differently.

When a person is addicted to “hard” drugs or alcohol they behave in a way that jeopardizes their personal safety. Though, that family stoner may be annoying at times, you really don’t have to worry about marijuana users turning into a drug zombie. A family member or friend acting out in self harming ways should be the concern. 

When a person “turns” they are willing to sell their soul for a fix. Marijuana users may be moody without the medication but you will not see them selling their soul on the corner for a fix. My call out is this, take up your issue with the behavior as it is behavior that differentiates addict from consumer. 

Though my family has been divided by Cannabis it has not ruined my viewpoint. Cannabis saved my life for which feeling gratitude isn’t enough.

After watching The Secret numerous times I started to impart it’s wisdom into my life. The changes in my life were significant and measurable. Not only was I able to “manifest” the handbag I wanted; I was able to “manifest” an entirely new life.

The Secret taught me to think grateful. Every time I start to feel depression and woe creep into my day I look around and remind myself of all the things for which I should be grateful. First, I am alive and can actually chew and swallow food. I’ll never forget the first time I had to go without food, under doctor’s orders. Every fast food commercial makes your mouth water. I got to the point I had my mom bring me a burger just to taste it. Chewing the food then spitting it into a garbage bag because swallowing it would be like swallowing glass. 

The most important lesson I learned was that my attitude is what will determine my level of joy. Today, sitting in a nice condo in Las Vegas with a BMW in the driveway I can’t complain about a thing. When I find myself wanting to scream I look at where I’m at and remember the Eminem lyrics “ants and mouse I’m living the dream!” 

Music and movies offer us metaphors and inspiration. They can convey a message that will get the whole world’s attention. I hope to one day grab the worlds attention; if only to say Live To Fight Another Day!