Get Smart about Cannabis™

Submitted by Stephanie Annis on Wed, 11/04/2015 - 07:25

Cannabis has several modes of ingestion; inhalation (smoking vs vaporizing) and oral are the two main categories. While ingestion and inhalation are the most common, the variety of products available has created many with questions.

Topical's are used by a rare few. Inhalation is most commonly accomplished through smoking flower or vaporizing concentrates; though smoking is the oldest method the inhalation of concentrates is increasing. A variety of concentrates exist; they are inhaled or ingested orally.

Most concentrates are considered safe; though butane extracted concentrates have been called into question.

A variety of concentrates exist; they are inhaled or ingested orally. Most concentrates are considered safe; though some methods have been called into question such as butane extracted concentrates.

Butane processed concentrates are considered by some to be a dirty method of extraction. According to Emily Gray Grosious of the Sun Times Network The California Governor, Jerry Brown, “vetoed a law that would have created new penalties for incurring injuries on others while extracting cannabis with flammable chemicals.”

Due to the increasing explosions taking place by amateurs attempting butane and solvent extraction. Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill because there are “enough criminal laws” to prosecute and Governor Brown does not want to “contribute to an already terrible prison overcrowding situation.”

The term “dabbing” refers to smoking a concentrate extracted by solvents, typically butane. The website Medical Jane’s author Drake Dorm proves a guide to Dabbing. He makes the point, “Another concern that deserves it’s own discussion is the possible presence of residual solvents in cannabis extracts” which is the major safety concern among advocates.”tests allow them to determine the amount of solvent (butane, propane, ethanol, etc.) in a given extract” one reason many states and advocates are pushing for testing facilities; access to these facilities should be available to all patients, especially, those patients who grow their own medicine.

Smoking and vaping are the common inhalation methods used to inhale cannabis: flower, wax, hash, and other concentrates. Smoking flower is the traditional method; considered by many to be the most natural and safest method of ingestion. Vaping is considered by some to be cleaner that smoking. The type of concentrate vaporized is the major concern. One concern is the quality of the concentrate. The other main concern is that vaporizers are modern technology; therefore, without a full 20 years of study no true answer can be given regarding their safety. Some believe they are safe while others are concerned without research that claim is baseless.

Edibles (see link) are preferred by patients not familiar with cannabis or not comfortable with mood altering substances. Edibles are generally safe; however, issues such as butter turning rancid or typical cooking and food preparation concerns need to be acknowledged and monitored. In some states, edibles and concentrates have been called into question due to the manufacturing process. In States like Colorado, edible products are a major part of the market. Considered safe due to the regulations and food preparation rules observed; however, the concern in Colorado is clear labeling.

The medical concentrates, including Charlottes Web and Rick Simpsons oil, are the most sought out forms medical treatment due to the evidence that symptoms, namely seizures, can be controlled, tumors shrunk, and cancer reversed. Colorado has a group of patients, including children and their parents, considered medical refugees because they have relocated to Colorado in order to obtain Charlotte’s Web treatment not available in other states. Finding a producer of these rare and life saving medicines is a challenge for many patients.

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