Get Smart about Cannabis™

Submitted by Stephanie Annis on Wed, 11/06/2015 - 06:59

The medical mode of ingestion; concentrates such as Rick Simpson Oil and Charlotte’s Web are two of the best medical products on the market; creating an influx of refugees to Colorado to obtain this live saving medicine for children needing Charlotte’s Web, a cannabis medication which helps to stop seizures.

The go to magazine of cannabis enthusiasts is High Times; they tell the story of Rick Simpson well. After watching a family member die of cancer “he heard the results of a medical study at the University of Virginia claiming that THC reduced brain tumors in mice.” That was in the early 70’s. In wasn’t until the 90’s rolled around and after an injury Simpson “watched an episode of Dr. David Suzuki’s The Nature of Things, Canada’s longest-running documentary series. The episode was about the enormous promise of marijuana and medicine.”

After his own experience with cancer and doctors frowning up it. Rick decided to try it anyway. He extracted the oil himself and It is through his own experience that Rick Simpson oil has saved many lives. Rick’s experience with doctors has been experienced by many patients with questions about cannabis therapies. Rick is quoted in the article which says the nurses response  was “The doctor will not prescribe this!” He says “I’d just told her I cured my cancer, and she should have been interested. It was freaky.”

Many patients have this problem with doctors. Many doctors will not discuss the issue or will follow the FDA party line-marijuana is bad-rather than guide their patients through cannabis therapy. You see, cannabis therapy is still a deep underground black market where names are held tightly; you don’t get cured without knowing the right someone or doing it yourself.

At least that’s how it is in large part of the United States. However, a few have been bold enough to stand up and now legalization is beginning across the nation. Medical refugees are seen on television series and news outlets moving their children to Colorado to obtain Charlotte’s Web.

On Wikipedia you can find the basic information which explains the CBD or cannabidiol; which is “produced by the Stanley brothers in Colorado.” Charlotte’s Web is known for curing Charlotte Figi a young girl suffering from Dravet syndrome and making history in the process. Charlotte Figi changes the hearts and minds of people every day. Charlotte’s Web is incredibly difficult to obtain do to the fact there is only one known manufacture; parents and patients wait and pray they make it to the top of the waiting list.

Mr. Philipps explains in The New York Times  the hurdles the Stanley brothers still face as they move forward providing Charlotte’s Web to children suffering with Dravet syndrome in Colorado; if no where else.

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